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The Tasting Room


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Charles Kimball


Remember that when you walk into a tasting room you are talking with salespeople. Their goal is to sell you wine. With that said your experiences will vary with the skills of the employees..
  • Be sure to eat some food before tasting. An empty stomach can get you woozy fast.
  • Bring bottled water for drinking between wineries. Keep hydrated.
  • Don't wear heavy perfumes or colognes. Fragrances interfere with your palate.
  • Wear comfortable shoes (no heels)... you will end up walking thru some vineyards.
  • Take along a cooler because days in the valley are hot and you don't want your wine to cook in your car.
  • No cell phone talking in the tasting room... head outside if you need to chat.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. The staff are trained to answers from novices.
  • Dump buckets are for unwanted wines. Use them. Your empty glass means you need more.
  • If you want to take notes. Please do. This will signal the staff that you are serious about learning about their wines.
  • Undiscovered Napa will make reservations for you at unique wineries that fit your needs . We recommend that you keep it to no more than three wineries a day.
  •  In the last few years the police in the area have been keeping an eye on tasters that taste a bit too much. So hire a driver or have a designated driver and you'll have a lot more fun.